Sparky is the mascot for Google Firebase. He doesn’t seem to have a website of his own, but you can find more by searching Google Images.

Sparky with pizza
Sparky Source Images

I was inspired to attempt this MOC by Christopher Tang’s Nanoblock model (and a dare by one of my colleagues).

The off-kilter mouth and teeth were present from the very first iteration, but it took a while to capture the proportions and round body shape:

Sparky v1 Sparky v2 Sparky v3 Sparky v4 Sparky v6 Sparky v7 Sparky v8 Sparky v9 Sparky v10 Sparky v11 Sparky v12 Sparky v13 Sparky v14 Sparky v15 Sparky v16 Sparky v17
Sparky Design Iterations

There were several physical prototypes along the way:

Sparky prototype v1 Sparky prototype v2 Sparky prototype v3
Sparky Prototype Iterations

The final model included storage for additional accessories in the back (à la TNMT action figure):

Sparky final (front) Sparky final (back)
Sparky Final Model

Sparky is holding a pineapple and a pizza, with a wrench (spanner) and laptop clipped to his back.

This was also the first model for which I tried making instructions [pdf]:

Instructions cover Instructions page Instructions completed model Instructions part list
Sparky Instructions